Purchasing Homes with Liquid Assets”: Evaluating the Merits and Drawbacks

The real estate arena across the nation is in a state of upheaval. This includes our hometown market in Tulsa. Heightened costs of building materials have contributed to this skyrocketing trend. The housing inventory needs to meet the voracious appetite of buyers. However, certain individuals find themselves cornered, needing to dispose of their homes post-haste. The chores of revamping the house, tracking down a real estate agent, advertising, handling propositions, and enduring the escrow process might not fit their schedule. As a result, the allure of entities that proclaim “We Buy Houses Tulsa with Cash” seems quite compelling. However, before making any decisions about these companies, it’s crucial to consider the advantages and disadvantages.

“We Buy Houses with Cash” Associations

Who Are These Entities?

These companies comprise real estate investors searching for properties to swiftly flip for a profit. They aim to procure properties as cheaply as possible. Thus they target homeowners in “dire circumstances”. Whom might these be? Couples entangled in the throes of divorce, individuals facing bankruptcy or foreclosure, properties embroiled in probate, or people needing to sell rapidly due to a job relocation. This sense of urgency enhances the appeal of these corporations.


The most significant benefit of vending your home to a “We Buy Houses Tulsa with Cash” association is the expeditious nature of the transaction. Instead of lingering to finalise a sale for weeks, you hand over your keys within days. Given that they purchase properties in an “as is” state, there’s no need to spend on renovations to make your Tulsa property appealing to potential buyers. Furthermore, you circumvent such time-intensive procedures as appraisals, home inspections, and the entire escrow procedure. For someone up against a deadline, all this is highly appealing. But hold on, before you pick up your phone to dial one of these corporations…


…consider the pitfalls. These entities aim for profit. Hence, they tend to undercut their offer to you. They provide payment substantially below the fair market value (approximately 6% of the fair market value, to be precise). That’s a significant portion of the equity to part ways with. Opendoor, among the most reputable iBuyers, usually offers just 80% of the fair market value (or even less). Regrettably, fraudulent actors exploit this opportunity to siphon off money from distressed homeowners. Some promise to pay off the mortgage, only to sell the house from under the unsuspecting owner, pocket the proceeds, and vanish. This leaves the owner facing the formidable challenge of servicing a mortgage on a property they no longer possess. Consequently, if you do opt to engage with one of these companies, ensure you conduct an in-depth examination of their company beforehand.

Despite these quick fixes, I firmly maintain that the most optimal approach to selling your house is to enlist the services of a seasoned professional well-versed in the local real estate market dynamics (like myself). It requires more time than using an iBuyer, but the financial return is likely significantly higher. So, when you’re prepared to list your property on the Tulsa market, feel free to reach out.

A Resounding Conclusion

Navigating the real estate market, especially in a bustling city like Tulsa, requires understanding the underlying currents. While the prospect of “We Buy Houses Tulsa” companies may sound appealing, particularly in urgent situations, they come with challenges. Therefore, assessing both sides of the coin and making an informed decision is prudent. Notably, professional real estate agents with local market expertise can provide invaluable assistance to maximise your returns. Remember, haste often makes waste. Patience, due diligence, and expertise are the triumvirate that guarantees a successful real estate venture.

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