How to Make Money with Your Phone 2023?


The advancement of technology gives a mobile phone in everyone’s hands, either IOS or an android. At this age, it is not difficult to earn money using this mobile phone. This device can be the second source of money for side spending to support our basic salary. People worldwide make mobile coin money in various ways, including surveys, YouTube, etc.

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These smartphones have numerous pre-installed applications. Moreover, several daily apps have been launched in the market. Similarly, the chances of earning money using these apps also increased. With the rise of job search and the absence of jobs, there are now several ways anyone can make money using a smartphone. Here are the top 7 ways to make money with your phone.

7 Ways to Make Money with Your Phone

1- Freelance

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It is the guaranteed way to make money with your phone. Of course, you have to own an excellent mobile phone and an internet connection. However, if someone has a laptop, it is a plus point. Using your phone, you can do online writing or data entry jobs. Fiverr,, Peopleperhour, and different other websites are serving best for that purpose. 

2- Browsing the web and watching videos online

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Some numerous sites and applications pay a handsome amount to watch ads, short videos, etc. For example, Swagbucks is a website that pays money by watching videos and answering paid surveys. 

3- Shop

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Many smartphone applications pay money to buy items on your shopping list from groceries, clothes, perfumes, and toilets. Shopkick is from one of these apps. It pays you for spending time in particular stores you can buy at. Here, you have to scan barcodes and earn points to exchange gift cards at your desired stores..

4- Sell ​​things you don’t need anymore.

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We all have things we don’t need anymore, and you can sell them online at different websites for money. You need to take a clear picture of what you want to sell and put it online with a price tag and your phone number. Here are some helpful websites where to sell your wares.

  • Jiji: This app supports sellers to access active buyers. You will highlight your image of the item and put it in different categories already defined on the app, enter your price and phone number. Then, the desired buyer will contact you if you agree to buy that. 
  • Poshmark: Like Jiji, Poshmark will let sellers take pictures of their items and post them for sale. Here you can buy as well as sell all your wares. 
  • eBay: You must create an account and post your item’s images and other details on eBay. It is one of the fast and simple ways to sell your items. 

5- Virtual Assistant

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If you are good at researching, you can work as a virtual assistant for others who have a lot of work to do. Moreover, organizations and companies can also hire you to pay and get work. This job can be easily done virtually. There is no need to go to an office. You can easily handle your work from the rest of your home and earn money. 

6- Online tutor

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If you are aware and skilled at influencing your knowledge, you can start an online tutoring class that people can reach and pay for. This can be an individual or large class option. You can choose a special subject or course you are good at, and its knowledge can influence other people and earn a reasonable income.

7- Make YouTube videos

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YouTube is one of the best sites to earn extra money. Here someone can either make fun short skits, create online tutorial classes on how to boil an egg, make jelly, make simple clothes, and make good money. You need to create your own YouTube channel and publish your videos. People will watch your published videos, subscribe to your channel, and you will get paid. This is the simplest way to make money with your phone. 

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